How to pack for difficult items for house relocation

How to pack for difficult items for house relocation

by GC Removalists March 02, 2020


When you plan to move your house, you definitely need to think about packing. Today, you can hire a house removalists Gold Coast to transport all your belongings to the new house. A professional house removalists service will take up the task of packing all your stuffs, loading and subsequently unloading your stuff at the doorsteps of your new house. However, if you do not have an elaborate budget for moving house, you can downsize the budget by choosing to take up the task of packing your goods. Packing accessories like books, dresses etc can be an easy task, however, when it comes to packing the difficult items like the heavy furniture or fragile items, you need to put in additional effort and thought.

Prior to start packing, make it a point to survey your belongings and purchase all the necessary packaging supplies. Packing tape, tape gun (if you don’t have one already), bubble wraps, stretch wraps, cardboard boxes, wooden crates etc are some of the inevitable packing supplies to purchase.

Packing heavy items

  • Kitchenware and furniture are usually the heavy items that you should give additional care while packing. These items are often difficult to pack and transport securely. To ensure this, you need to initially place the accessories in wooden or plastic boxes and fit them in place using bubble wrap or stretch wraps. This is done to prevent these items from jostling while they are transported.
  • Electronic items like oven, washing machines etc are vulnerable to damages if they are not placed and held properly in the boxes in which they are packed. When packing electronic appliances, it is always wise to pack them in box that you got while purchasing them.

Fragile items and artworks

Fragile items, antiquities and art works are some of the most difficult items to pack. You definitely need to think smart and put in additional effort to pack and transport these items effectively.

  • For instance, when packing art works, it is imperative that you cover them with acid free tissue paper prior to bubble wrapping them. It is also essential that you give maximum protection to the corners of mirrors and artworks as the corners are susceptible to additional pressure. You can also use customized boxes for packing larger mirrors and other fragile items.
  • When packing antiquities, see that you place them in large boxes, so that you have plenty of space to fit them in the box using bubble wraps. You can use accessories like packing peanuts to provide additional security to the antiquities in the boxes.

Always remember to tape the bottom size of the box at least twice when packing heavy items. Start the packing procedure as early as possible and make it a point to pack less important accessories first. You should also consider packing the fragile items first as packing it just before the moving date can create lots of confusions.

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