Full-Service Storage

Full-Service Storage Solutions

Most storage companies don’t lift, load or transport your storage for you. Most of the time, you’ll need to hire a third company to move it all for you or do all the heavy lifting, transport, loading and unloading yourself. That’s a lot of extra time, effort and work for what’s supposed to be a simple storage ‘solution.’

Here at Gold Coast Removalists, we have real moving and storage solutions for people with busy lives, who don’t own a truck or who aren’t trained to do a whole lot of heavy lifting. We come to your address, we load your belongings into our moving truck then transport and unload it safely into your storage container at one of our own secure storage facilities.

Before you even have to ask: Yes, our dedicated storage facilities are indoors, modern, well maintained and have 24/7 security surveillance.

We are also properly insured. You can store almost everything at our facilities, unless it can decay (ie. food, or live plants), spill, is flammable, explosive or illegal.